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“What’s charming beyond the humor of this memoir is that it remains affectionate even in the weakest, most tenuous moments for the culture. It’s the brilliance of true sophistication at work.”

Los Angeles Times

“A humorous and introspective chronicle of a life filled with love, of family, country, and heritage.”

Jimmy Carter

“Today, as Middle Easterners in the United States are subject to racial profiling, stereotyping, and sometimes violence, this book provides a valuable glimpse into the immigrant experiences of one very entertaining family.”

Library Journal

“…a hilarious collection of essays that dish up many sides of the immigrant experience…”

– San Jose Mercury News

“…remarkable tales of family resilience told with wry humor shorn of sentimentality…”

– San Francisco Chronicle

“Dumas is very funny, and demonstrates a gift for wry understatement and spot-on similes.”
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– Christian Science Monitor

“…a collection of lighthearted yet poignant short essays…”

– Chicago Tribune

“…opening a window onto the Iranian people…”

– Los Angeles Times

“…Often hilarious, always interesting, with short chapters, this will make a good book for the beach…”

– Providence Journal

“…delightfully refreshing, then, in its prodigious use of humor…”
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– Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“…When I picked up “Funny in Farsi… A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America,” I didn’t think I’d stay up all night to read it in one sitting–never mind laugh out loud at every page! …”
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– Salam Worldwide

“…Funny in Farsi, is an enjoyably and believably simplistic reminder of how good — despite bigger and wealthier men’s attempts to muck it up — we have it here….”
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– LA Weekly

“…gives American readers an inside view of the immigrant experience…”

– Voice of America

“…Firoozeh is helping our community set our image in our own words, and on our own terms….”

– National Iranian American Council

“…a gentle life story by an author who clearly loves her fellow man, and who is dedicated to pointing out the deliciously absurd aspects of both American and Iranian culture; as such, it is a joyful success…”

– Newsday

“Warm and engaging”

– Kirkus Review