Posted on 01-11-2013
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I just deactivated my Facebook account for the next few months so I can have more time to think and to write.  Facebook swallows more and more of my time and I feel so relieved to be off of it for a while! Part of the problem is that I’m one of those people who feels the need to answer all emails. A lot of my fellow writers tell me that they don’t answer emails, that no one really expects an answer when they email an author. I wish I believed it but I can tell you that every time I send an email or letter, I expect an answer! So this is why I answer all correspondence. Plus, I imagine the person who sent the email just waiting and waiting and waiting for a reply. This is more a reflection of how I am when I send correspondence but hey, I can’t seem to change.

I have to go write now so until my next entry, I wish you all happy reading! And don’t spend too much time on social media. Trust me, it’s a time vacuum!

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