Posted on 03-17-2013
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I just returned from three wonderful days in Boise, Idaho. I was invited by The Cabin, a non-profit that provides all sorts of interesting programs having to do with reading and writing for the young and old, and in between. Here’s their website:

The Cabin invited me as part of their speaker series, a popular program that brings four writers to Boise every year for a talk at the Egyptian Theatre. This fabulous theatre opened in 1927 and was almost demolished in the 70’s. Fortunately, it was saved and restored to its current glorious state. Words can not do it justice. If you are ever near Boise, it’s worth a visit. Yes, it’s kitschy but it is also grand and breath taking. I don’t know about its accuracy in portraying ancient Egypt; after all, I do not recall seeing so many busty, topless women in my Ancient Egypt history books but they are there, in full glory, in Boise.

I also visited Marian Pritchett School, a high school for teenaged mothers. I loved the young women I met  there and yes, there is a nursery for the babies right on campus. I love America!  Where else can young mothers have a chance to obtain a high school diploma after becoming pregnant at such a young age? Teen pregnancy happens everywhere. I’m just a fan of this solution. You can never go wrong with providing education possibilities for all. I’m rooting for every one of those young women!

I also had THE best breakfast. Visit Goldy’s if you ever find yourself in Boise. It’s packed but worth the wait.

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